Butts to Watts®

The BTW program was conceived to divert cigarette waste from landfills and create energy. Our B.O.B. receptacles were placed at highway rest areas across California. The receptacles started collecting so much cigarette waste that Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) asked if we could find another use for the cigarette waste. A study was done and it turns out that cigarette waste pound for pound produces the same energy as lignite coal. That means every pound of cigarette waste we process averages 576 watts of energy. The facilities we utilize actually place the energy back on the grid and the ash from the process is used for construction materials and alternate daily cover.

We provide covered, lockable 55 gallon metal drums to safely store your waste. On a scheduled basis, we collect the drums, weigh them, and provide you with statements that reflect how many pounds were collected for that period and how much energy was placed back on the grid.

San Jose International Airport has already recovered a megawatt of energy with the Butts To Watts® program.

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