Try going a day without it.

We depend on clean water for our daily lives, but where does it come from?

The circle of water starts at the ocean where clouds form and carry water over land. When the clouds release rain and snow in the mountains, water begins the journey back to the ocean.

That’s where we all come in.

From the mountaintops to the beaches our water needs protection from the various forms of visible and non-visible pollutants.

Tires and brake pads are some of the culprits behind the pollutants we can’t see. Cigarettes are the number one pollutant we can see.

Lawn clippings, oils, grease, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides, detergents, all pose a threat to the health of our waterways.

Prevention is the key, stopping the pollutants from entering our environment is the most effective approach. Once chemical contaminants are introduced to a waterbody, they are difficult or impossible to remove.

Let’s take the Las Vegas valley watershed as an example. The storm drains in the valley lead to lake mead and becomes drinking water for millions in three states.

Where does your watershed drain to? How can you help?